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Vikramasimha Telugu Movie Online

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Film: Vikramasimha
Starring: Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Shobana
Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth Aswin
Producer: Soundarya Aswin,Sunanda Murali Manohar, Sunil Lull
Banner: Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd.,Eros Internatio
Music: AR Rehman

VikramaSimha starts off with Dasari’s voiceover narrating the years of war between the two rival kingdoms Kota Pattanam where Ugra Simha (Nassar) is the King and Kalingapuram for which Mahendrudu (Jackie Shroff) is the King. Rana alias Ranadheera (Rajnikanth) the chief commando of Kalingapuram sent on mission to attack Kota Pattanam along with his army. However, here comes a twist where Rana doesn’t war against Kotapattanam but sends back Kalingapuram army and joins as chief army for the former. Also there is story of Vikrama Simha in the flashback. What is Rana, Vikrama Simha’s relation? What is Rana’s plan forms rest.
More than the performances, motion capture technology played the main lead in the movie that appeared bit animation in parts, but overall gives you a feel of good watch.
Superstar Rajinikanth gloriously portrayed two different roles in the film. Rajini's dubbing, mannerisms and what all his fans expect from his movie are well framed.
Director could have similarly concentrated on other important characters too. Mainly the roles of Deepika Padukone, Nasser, Sarath Kumar and Shobana appeared dry, as they missed lively expressions of eyes.
Technical Analysis:
Soundarya Rajinikanth takes the honors of bringing Motion Capture Technology to India. Definitely she has made a best debut with VikramaSimha (Kochadaiiyaan) in her career. But being the first photo-realistic film it has a few pros and cons that need to be concentrated much.
KS Ravikumar stands as pillar with Rajinikanth's support. The director has put all his experience together for the movie and has scripted wonderful screenplay and dialogues for the film.
AR Rahman's music worked wonders. With two oscar winners Rahman and Resul Pookutty, the film’s BGM induces goosebumps in fight sequences, particularly Deepika's stunt sequences and the Shiva Thaandavam snippets. Especially the end cards are one to watch out for. VFX works are at their best for 2D version, where as 3D is totally a cartoon show though makers have tried their best to pull out the needed stuff with Rajini's mannerisms.
VikraamaSimha introduces new Motion Capture technology to Indian Cinema. Besides this, Vikrama Simha story, screenplay, music and above all Rajinikanth brand of style are an asset for the movie. More than the first hour, it’s second hour of the film that keeps the audiences glued to the screens. Second half is absolute fun with a package especially the flashback episode of VikramaSimha, the war sequences, climax and the production values leaves you with a good expecrience. However, the film has its negative aspects as well like the slow paced first half, misplaced songs. The film may not be connected emotionally due to capture motion technolody that missed the lively expressions despite such strong casting like Shobana, Nasser, Sarath Kumar et al.
Final Verdict:
VikramaSimha is worth a watch for its good story and brilliant technical values.