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Kotha Janta Telugu Movie Online

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Film: Kotha Janta
Starring: Allu Sirish, Regina , Madhurima, Sapthagiri
Director: Maruthi
Producer: Bunny Vas
Banner: Geetha Arts banner
Music: JB
Sirish (Allu Sirish) is a selfish person who doesn’t care about relations and only aspires to make big money. Suvarna (Regina) also works for the same TV Channel as Sirish. Though a selfish person too, Suvarna cares for others feelings. The channel head Ramesh (Rao Ramesh) makes the duo one team for getting high TRP’s. At the same time, Sirish gets another good offer from a businessman (Posani Krishna Murali) who hopes to hire the former for his new channel venture but on a condition of hiring Suvarna too. Sirish fakes love towards Suvarna in order to make her accept the business deal but they soon end in split. How will Suvarna make Sirish realize about true love forms rest.
Allu Sirish has performed better compared to his debut Gouravam but he still needs to work on his body language. He has gone for a makeover for this commercial entertainer.
Regina was quite good and steals the show. Her characterization is perky and she is very expressive. Her on-screen chemistry with Sirish worked well. Sapthagiri has bagged yet another good role and he is naturally hilarious, Madhunandan, Josh Ravi are good, Posani Krishna Murali entertainer in brief role, Rohini leaves her mark while Madhurima looked good.
Technical Analysis
JB musical scores are soothing and a couple of songs Osi Prema Rakshasi, Gundello are good on-screens. Background score is impressive. Richard Prasad’s cinematography is colorful and an asset for the movie. Dialogues are crisp and editing by Ashok Kuruba is neat. Production values of Geetha Arts banner are rich.
Maruthi who made his mark with low budget films have made Kotha Janta movie with a fresh concept of two selfish people falling for each other and the conflicts of the duo. The characterizations were established neatly giving scope for loads of entertainment and love. However, the movie gets into a predictable note and the proceedings turn routine. With a good supporting cast, Kotha Janta could have been more fun and enjoyable.
The first half of the film moves at good pace and is fun-filled but the second could have been handled well. The latter half turns boring with inadequate screenplay. The film could have made an exciting watch with a gripping screenplay and good comedy in the second half.
Final Verdict
Kotha Janta- Routine & Partially Entertaining