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Alias Janaki 2013 Telugu Movie Online

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Film: Alias Janaki
Starring: Venkat Rahul, Anisha Ambrose, Nagendra Babu
Director: Dayaa K
Producer: Neelima Tirumalasetti
Banner: Sangamithra Arts
Music: Shravan

Janaki Ram (Venkat Rahul) works for GHMC and is an honest guy who stands by the principles of his father (Naga Babu) but his attitude brings him a lot of problems. Janaki Ram comes across local Don Mysa (Sathru), who tries grab hold of lands illegally and the former opposes to it. Janaki Ram’s superior officer (Tanikella Bharani) tries to control him but he fails and Mysa decides to take on Janaki Ram which leads to struggles between him and Chaitra (Anisha) his girl friend. How does Janaki Ram fight back and teaches the baddies a lesson forms rest of the story
Debutant Rahul Venkat, Chiranjeevi’s nephew fails in emoting carrying flat expressions throughout. He needs to work on his expressions as well as looks.
Anisha looked good and has performed well, though was wasted in a poorly written character. Shatru as Mysa was good, Naga Babu and Tanikella Bharani were impressive. Sri Ramya is okay. Others were adequate.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography by Sujith Sarang looked classy, music by Shravan is the only asset for the film and songs Kadal Prema…, Koncham Koncham and Maarinde were shot neatly and are ear-pleasing. Background score is also impressive. Dialogues are crisp but looks forced in the screenplay. Sreejith Sarang, the editor could’ve done a better job. Debutant Daya’s direction is not up to the mark. Production values are standard.
Alias Janaki storyline is routine with a weak script and debutant director Daya further failed in the execution part. Alias Janaki could have been a safe project as a feel good entertainer with a message, had the screenplay been taut and racy. The screenplay has been inconsistent with illogical proceedings. The love scenes are not properly established and the chemistry between the leads never workout, rather focuses on unnecessary aspects. Even the emotional scenes don’t work towards the proceedings. Poor performances and bad execution makes Alias Janaki tedious watch.
Final Verdict
Alias Janaki has nothing new to offer instead the poor performances and bad execution makes it a dull watch.