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Second Hand Telugu Movie Online

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Film: Second Hand
Starring: Dhanya Balakrishna, Sudheer Varma, Kireeti, Vishnu, Anoojram
Director: Kishore Tirumala
Producer: BVS Ravi, Poorna Naidu
Banner: Sreeyas Chitra
Music: Ravichandra

Santosh (Sudheer Varma) a depressed photographer plans to attempt suicide and narrates his story to Dental Doctor Subba Rao (Kireeti). Santhosh and Deepu (Dhanya Balakrishna) falls in love but eventually the latter ends up marrying a rich guy Mounish and the former hates women due to her. Subbarao on the other hand loves Swetcha (Dhanya Balakrishna) but she is more attracted towards the physical relationship with her ex-lover. Also there is Sahasra (Dhanya Balakrishna) who ends up in confusion with whom she has two choose between a friend or a lover Chaitu and Siddhu. How doctor (Posan Krishna Murali) resolves the problems forms the rest.
Dhanya Balakrishna is extremely good in all three different roles. Her expressions are apt and the she manages to play the roles with ease.
Kireeti is fun to watch and he has got finest moments in the film. Vishnu Vardhan is decent and fits well for the role while Anuj is good too. Posani Krishna Murali is just okay. Others are adequate.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography could have been better. Music is decent and so is the background score. Kishore Tirumala’s direction has innovativeness and screenplay is gripping though it could have been impressive in the second half. Dialogues are the biggest asset of Second Hand. SR Sekkhar’s editing is neat. Production values are not up to mark.
Second Hand starts off with interesting characterizations, peppy dialogues and refreshing screenplay though second half spoils it. The film deals with inter-personal relationships in realistic manner that connects well with youth. Director Kishore Tirumala has penned interesting lines. However, Second Hand have its own flaws with amateurish script though supported by decent writing. The third story lacks the needed zing like the stories of Santhosh and Subbarao and thus resulted in dragged slow pace with unnecessary melodrama in second half despite exciting interval bang. If the film could have been dealt in a clean way rather than adult comedy, it might have garnered other sections of audiences. Had the director planned for a clever screenplay in the second half too like the first hour, it would have helped the film’s tempo.
Final Verdict
Second Hand – An average treat!!!