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6 Candles 2013 Tamil Movie Online

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Film: 6 Candles
Starring: Shaam,Poonam Kaur,Archana
Director: V.Z.Durai
Producer: Media N Infinite Productions
Banner: Media N Infinite Presents
Music: Srikanth Deva

Ram [Shaam] and Lizzy [Poonam Kaur], a couple from Chennai celebrating the 6th Birthday of their son in the beach and unfortunately looses their kid to kidnappers. Even after many attempts police department fails to retrieve Ram’s child and he himself begin to solve the mystery in the aid of good people. Watch 6 Candles for the spellbinding mystery script…
Shaam has excelled with his performance in all the six phases for his role as Ram in 6 candles. He is sure to get praises from critics as well and paid off for all the sleep-less nights he spent for various lookouts in the movie.
Poonam Kaur did her parts well though limited to just weeping, but Shaam steals complete attention of viewers with his journey of looks from a handsome man to tamed de-glam looks in the film.
Technical Analysis:
VZ Durai has come up with one more social issue, this time it is child trafficking. Director earns credits for portraying cruel reality behind illegal trade of child trafficking with his racy screenplay.
Srikanth Deva couldn’t support the film’s success neither with his audio nor background scores, beyond which Hari Charan’s Thedugindrathey is appealing.
Cinematographer Krishnasamy has to be tapped for his work, especially the chases and the action sequences choreographed by stunt master Super Subbarayan are thumping and looks good onscreen with the help of former’s camera works.
Debutant editor N Arun kumar, make-up man MN Balaji and costume designer Nanaji are laudable for their off-screen support for 6 candles.
VZ Durai has surpassed giving best screenplay for a sensitive story by adding emotional scenes in between the serious hunt for lost child and marathon sequences with mere logical execution made 6 Candles a tailor made tale.
By dealing with all the network kidnappers’ related issues, especially when they are integrated with child trafficking, director proved he is gutsy. At the same time Shaam and Poonum Kaur grabbed audiences’ attention with their performances as emotional parents of a lost child.
Technical crew namely art director K Arusamy and make-up man MN Balaji are sure to have a bright future in Kollywood.
Final Verdict:
6 Candles is a thought provoking take on child trafficking, worthy for masses too…